Method used in extracting oils and making the inhaler gel is a unique and newly developed technology. 

Inhaling Mentha × piperita and Eucalyptus together have potential benefits. Both of these extracted materials are known for their respiratory benefits, including their ability to relieve congestion, reduce inflammation, and promote easier breathing.

Mentha contains menthol, which has a cooling and soothing effect on the respiratory system, making it useful for relieving coughs, sinus congestion, and other respiratory issues. Eucalyptus contains eucalyptol, which has expectorant and decongestant properties and can help to clear the airways and relieve congestion.

When combined, the cooling and soothing effects of menthol and the expectorant and decongestant properties of eucalyptus may work together to provide additional respiratory benefits, potentially helping to alleviate symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and the common cold. 

Having a pocket-size Oxygen Shot inhaler can be convenient for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for easy and quick access to the inhaler whenever needed. If someone experiences respiratory symptoms, such as congestion or difficulty breathing, having a pocket-size inhaler readily available may provide quick relief.

Secondly, a pocket-size inhaler is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around in a purse, pocket, or backpack. This can be particularly useful for individuals who need to use their inhaler frequently or who are on-the-go and need a quick and easy way to manage their respiratory symptoms.

Lastly, a pocket-size inhaler can be discreet, allowing individuals to use it without drawing too much attention to themselves or disrupting their daily activities. This can be particularly important for individuals who may feel self-conscious about using their inhaler in public or in front of others.

Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers are made of natural, coloured Keratin Fibers – the same protein that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein is derived from a natural source and is nearly identical to human hair.

Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers stay firmly in place through wind, rain and perspiration.

Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers do not encourage or discourage hair growth. We are working with Tokyo University to make this happen.

Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers will stay in place until you wash your hair.

Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers can be used to effectively and easily cover both grey roots and colour-treated root re-growth!

It is recommended that Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons. Styling products (other than hairspray) should be applied to the hair prior to applying Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers. Applying gels, mousses, pastes, serums, and the like after applying Hair Fibers may cause shifting and could expose the areas that were meant to be covered. Let styling products dry before applying Hair Fibers.

Yes, Oxygen Shot Hair Building Fibers work with all hair types and textures, including Caucasian hair, Asian hair, and African American hair.

Yes, you can mix different shades of Hair Building Fibers. In fact, it is often encouraged to mix different shades in order to find the closest match to your own colour, especially when working with blonde or grey hair. The product can either be mixed directly in the hair (use the darker colour first, and then layer the lighter colour over it) or it can be mixed in a Hair Fibers bottle.

For external use only. If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid inhalation.

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